• CKC Global Media LLC

    Elevate Your Message - Amplify Your Voice

    PO Box 362

    Hawley, PA 18428

    Phone: 1-203-286-8760 Office

    Alternate Phone: 570-576-7065 Cell

    Contact: Carol McManus


    CKC Global Media guides your business in navigating the rough waters of marketing today. We specialize in marketing, social media, branding & publishing. We offer a wide range of services with results tailored to your specific needs, goals & budget.

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  • Maptown Project

    Promoting Pride in Your Business, Town, and Community Through Aerial Illustration

    552 Main Street

    Honesdale, PA 18431

    Phone: 570-815-4656


    We create beautifully illustrated town maps from an aerial perspective to promote businesses, community, and pride in your town. Highlighting landmarks and storefronts with perfectly replicated signage, Maptown maps are designed be enjoyed for years to come.Your town map is more than a promotion of your business. It is a long-lasting investment in the pride and caring that everyone shares in their town and community.

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