Coffee Shop

  • Black & Brass Coffee Roasting Co.

    520 Main Street

    Honesdale, PA 18431

    Phone: 570-251-7713


    Believing that a good cup of coffee is about the taste AND the experience, our process begins with beans grown all over the world that are hand picked and separated to ensure that only the best will enter our roaster. Always earth friendly, compostable, post-consumer recycled, local, or organic. 

    Every bean is roasted on site during open hours. We have spent time perfecting the roasting process so that you can count on a cup that fits your taste. The variety from light to dark, single origin and blends, creates a uniqueness and complexity that is full of diverse body and flavor. 
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  • JAVA & More Coffee Shop

    100 Terrace Street

    Honesdale, PA 18431

    Phone: 570-616-0488

    JAVA & More features premium and specialty coffees along with wine, and craft beers. JAVA & More also serves breakfast and lunch with indoor and outdoor seating. 

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